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I am a body psychotherapist with a background in Deep Bodywork, Embodied Relational Therapy, Postural Integration, Authentic Movement and trauma work. I offer individual body psychotherapy sessions.

Body psychotherapy works with the deeply-held feelings, emotions and beliefs which are held in the body. It can help release old patterns and early traumas that hold us back, liberating energy for new movement and growth. It goes beyond the ‘talking heads’ approach of conventional counselling and psychotherapy, to include the whole person. Read more...

I also offer a number of body-focused classes, workshops and trainings through the Brighton School for Embodied Therapy (BSET). This includes Bodylistening, Authentic Movement, Free/Form and Dance of Awareness groups. Click here for details.

My work draws on body-centred approaches including Reichian Bodywork, Bioenergetics, Rolfing, Postural Integration, Gestalt, Process Oriented Psychology, Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Trauma Therapy, Birth Process work and Mindfulness practice.

I bring gentle curiosity, creativity, and warm humour to my work. I believe in taking the body seriously. It holds deep wisdom – we just need to listen to it, and trust what it tells us.

I am available for online sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I'm in the process of relocating, so not yet sure excatly when, or where I'll return to in-person work.

There are other therapists who practice in a similar way to me - you could check the websites of these organisations: 
Embodied Relational Therapy Association
European Association for Body Psychotherapy
Body Psychotherapy Network
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy UK

​Quick contact: email me or phone me


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