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About Tim

I am a body psychotherapist, trainer and workshop leader. I worked as an environmental scientist and campaigner on pollution and energy issues for many years, whilst becoming increasingly involved in personal growth work. I have a body psychotherapy practice in Devon and am a Director of the Brighton School for Embodied Therapy (BSET) where I run workshops and trainings in a number of body-centred disciplines. 

I have a Diploma in Deep Bodywork from the Entelia Institute, I'm certified by the International Center for Release and Integration (ICRI) as a Postural Integrator, and have an ICRI Diploma in Advanced Somatic Integration. I have also trained in Authentic Movement with the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, and have an Advanced Diploma in Embodied-Relational Therapy. I am a member of the Body Psychotherapy Network, a full member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy, and was an Associate Hospital Manager for mental health services in Sussex.


Tim Brown

People I have trained with:

Deep Bodywork - Silke Ziehl: 

Postural and Somatic Integration - Jack Painter:

Authentic Movement - Linda Hartley:  

Somatic Trauma Therapy - Babette Rothschild: 

Birth and Early Attachment Trauma - Ray Castellino:

Embodied Relational Therapy – Nick Totton & Allison Priestman:

Wild Therapy - Nick Totton & Emma Palmer:

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